X--ion-SERIES 3-Vejs Komponent System
8" 200 mm 3-vejs system for all E and F Model from BMW 

Bestående af:
2x HS 25 PLUS AUDIO SYSTEM Tweeter  
25 mm soft-dome neodym tweeter
protection grill, top and flush mounting possible, ferrofluid-cooling
external diameter with holder: 54 mm, ohne Halter: 44 mm
installation depth with holder: 15 mm, ohne Halter: 21 mm
installation dimension with holder: 48 mm, ohne Halter: 44 mm
height x width mounting box with: 35 mm x 44 mm, impedance: 4 Ohm
2x FWK BMW Plug and Play AUDIO SYSTEM 2-Way Crossover
2-way cable crossover with 4-times acoustic adjustment
PTC high range protection circuit, 12 dB crossover at tweeter and 
6 dB crossover at mid-range 
2x EX 80 SQ AUDIO SYSTEM Midrange Speaker
80 mm HIGH-ENDloudspeaker with ventilated basket
stable and light-weight fibreglass cone and nomex-spider
deep reaching repeat, outer diameter: 98/83 mm
installation depth: 39 mm, installation dimension: 76 mm
impedance: 4 Ohm, power: 80/50 Watt
 inkl. adapterramme og kabler.

2x AX 08 BMW PLUS 8" Subwoofere AUDIO SYSTEM Neodym-Subwoofer 
200 mm PP-conespeaker special for For all E and F BMW Modells
screwable connection terminal, external diameter: 216/242 mm
installation depth: 45 mm, installation dimension: 177 mm
impedance: 2 Ohm, power: 200/150 Watt
Impedance: 2 Ohm
Effekt: 2x 120/80 Watt and 2x 200/150 Watt

X200 BMW PLUS Audio System Special 3-vejs BMW Komponent System

  • Brand: Audio System
  • Model:X200 BMW PLUS
  • Lagerstatus:Levering 1-4 dage
  • DKK3.999,00

  • Ekskl. moms:DKK3.199,20

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